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Need To Sell Your Wedding Dress? Essential Tips

Are you ready to get rid of your wedding dress or your accessories? Selling your wedding dress online may seem like a simple task but there are many places that won’t give you a good price. Saying yes to the dress is one of the biggest decisions that a bride can make. However, after your big day, you may find that you have no plans to use the dress in the future.

What you decide what you should do with your dress after your wedding is a personal choice. Some women decide to store it for future generations. Others may decide that they don’t want it to take up space and would prefer to regain some of the cost. Additionally, more brides than ever before are considering purchasing second hand wedding dresses. When you consider the cost of custom made dresses, even a small discount on a second-hand option can be a great bargain.

If you’re interested in buying a wedding dress online or selling your used one then you may be considering turning to online marketplaces. While some of sites are not a bad idea when buying or selling common household items, a website specifically designed for pre-worn wedding dresses can offer you a better deal. It will also have a better experience for your wedding day purchase. If you want to get the most from your sale, these are some essential tips to know where can I sell my wedding dress.

Considerations Before Selling Your Wedding Dress

When a bride considers selling her wedding dress, the goal is often to make back some of the expense that they spent on the dress. However, before you even purchase your dream dress, you should keep a few things in mind. Is your wedding dress a style and size that is popular? Additionally, for the style of ceremony you’re having, is the dress going to be in good enough condition to sell after the wedding? Some weddings which may take place on a beach or other location may be beautiful but end up ruining the dress.

Remember that your plans to sell your dress may not always work out unless you purchase the dress with its resale value in mind. Ask if you can afford the dress if you’re not able to sell it afterwards. Things can always happen such as stains that can’t be removed or mistakes made by the dry cleaner. Make sure that you only purchase a dress you can afford even if you don’t happen to re-sell the dress.

Selling Through Online Bridal Marketplaces

There are thousands of listings for wedding dresses on some of the larger retail sites, such as While the advantage of selling on these online marketplaces can be that you find a buyer quickly, you should be aware that most marketplaces found online either charge super high commission fees (20% – 40% of the sale price) or they charge you an upfront listing fee just to add your wedding dress to the site for consideration.

Some online marketplaces work off of a consignment system. They are usually dedicated to wedding wear meaning that anyone on the site means business. The fees can vary but remember that some online consignment retailers take a hefty chunk of your sale price. Make sure that you read through the company policies before deciding on which site to use.

One of the good things about listing your dress on Seduchess is that we do not charge listing fees. If your dress sells on the site, we charge a 9% commission fee which is one of the lowest ones that you’ll find. Since a lot of marketplaces charge you upfront to just list the wedding dress with no guarantee that you’ll sell it, this is a great option when you don’t want to waste your time or money. If you don’t want to give up your resale value with high commission or listing fees, then this is the way to go.

Second-Hand Bridal Boutiques

A boutique may stock second-hand wedding dresses and depending on the style of yours, they may be interested in purchasing the dress. Each boutique is going to have different policies and pricing models. Some stores may purchase the dress for a flat fee while others may prefer to sell the dress on their own and take a percentage of the dress’s profit if it sells. Others may operate on an evaluation basis and others won’t even deal with the brides at all. Although this can be a reasonable option, you likely won’t be able to negotiate for the price that you want and may end up losing a significant amount of money with this option.

Tips to Sell My Wedding Dress

Whether you’re not the sentimental type of you’re just a savvy bride, selling your dress is an easy way to regain some of your expenses. If your dress is in good condition, you may even want to consider selling it online. This allows you to reach a greater number of potential buyers and it can be more easily shared and promoted.

A pre-loved wedding dress that’s in good condition and less than two years old can usually sell for about half of its retail price. If your dress is a well-known brand, especially one of the top designers, then you may make it closer to 60% of the retail value. Remember that even a very popular style and brand likely won’t be able to recoup much more than this percentage. Some consignment websites may offer pricing tools to help you determine what to charge. If not, you can also look online to see what comparative dresses are selling.

Since there is a significant amount of demand for second-hand wedding dresses, having a designer label doesn’t always mean that your dress will sell faster. However, the presentation does make a significant difference. Use your best photos in order to show the garment in its best light. Consider getting the dress professionally cleaned before you list it as well.

Setting a Price

If you’re using a consignment service, they may have some suggestions on pricing but there are some basic rules that you can use as well. The cost depends on a number of variables but if the dress is less than a few years and it’s been worn, you should charge 50% of your retail price. If it hasn’t been worn and is in pristine condition, you can sell it for 75% of the original price. If the dress is older, then you should take off an additional 10-20% of the price. In theory, a vintage dress should be sold for the price that you paid for it but it may depend on where you’re selling it. If you purchased the vintage dress from a high-end vintage boutique, for example, then you may need to lower the price.

If your dress is part of a well-known designer collection, then the sooner that you sell it, the higher the chance of selling it in general. If you sell your dress within a few years, you have a much better chance of catching brides who are looking for that specific designer. The dress may no longer be available or brides can’t afford the full retail price but are willing to pay more for a pre-worn option. Vintage dresses aren’t going to go out of style quite as quickly but it may be worth noting which eras are most popular.

Listing Details

When selling a wedding dress online, the details about the dress can make all the difference. Therefore, it’s smart to be thorough when describing the wedding dress. You’ll want to mention the brand, the model or number if available, and the fabric. Make sure that you note whether its been worn and if cleaned professionally. Be thorough in your description. Any bride who purchases the dress and finds that it’s not in the described shape will likely be unhappy and try to recoup her losses. Disclose any imperfections if present. This will change the price of the dress but maybe not as much as you might think.

Be generous with your photos. There can’t be too many photos with a wedding dress or accessories. Make honest photographs from all the possible angles. Even better, show pictures of you wearing the dress so that buyers can see how it would look on them. Describe the size as much as possible. The length and width of the dress can make a big difference as some brides may need to purchase alterations. Depending on the dress itself, make sure that you ask for a reasonable price. If you’re trying to make a profit from the dress, you can expect that it won’t sell. You can usually make a decent amount from the dress but it’s not likely that you’ll end up with much more than 50% of the original cost.

Making the Sale

If all of this seems like a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be! We can help brides sell their dresses and accessories easily with only a small commission. Use our expert guide to get your gown in the best shape for a sale and you’ll be able to sell your dress without any difficulty. Make sure that you follow these tips to have an easy time with the process.

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