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About Us

Seduchess.com was founded in early 2022 to create an online community where users can buy and sell preowned Indian and Indo-Western wedding wear. We understand that weddings can be expensive but every woman deserves to have her dream wedding. No matter how you intend to celebrate your big day, Seduchess features all categories needed for your wedding, including attire, accessories, and decor.

When shopping on Seduchess, you can find all sorts of beautiful items, many of which were only used for a short period of time, even just a few hours. On Seduchess, items are sold at a fraction of their retail price, therefore giving you the opportunity to make your day incredible while also being wise with your budget. 

For sellers, we give brides the opportunity to sell their preowned pieces worldwide, while giving joy to someone when you sell something you’ll likely never wear again.

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